Why A Life Coach?

Imagine for moment that you’re at your job and you see a coworker knocking it out of the park. You two have the same position, but they are just killing it! They are happy, more efficient, and clearly on their way to moving up. So you go out and you get a book on how to do your job better. You read it cover to cover over the weekend and come Monday morning you are ready to kill it. You’re feeling good throughout the day. Referencing the book every now and then. When all of a sudden an error message pops up. The book never mentioned this or what to do if it happens. So what do you do?

At some point you would ask someone for help. Probably that coworker that’s doing so well. You might even seek out a mentor that you can have an ongoing relationship with. Why? Because books and workshops are great, but there is nothing like personalized guidance to help you through the unexpected turns life can throw at you.

That’s where my mentoring has its purpose. I provide guidance, encouragement, and continued accountability.

I have reached such a level of peace and joy during my single season, not because I don’t want to get married, but because I have a clear understanding of the process and the purpose of this season. I help my clients reach that same place. I’m there when that ex pops up and tries to ruin their progress. I’m that accountability partner reminding them of their goals and what they’re working towards. I’m that other vantage point giving them objective insight on what they’re doing.

When I tell people that I’m a life coach for singles, I often get met with a reply akin to bewilderment. With the onslaught of life coaches that are now emerging, you might have wondered some of the same things. Like who needs a life coach, what exactly do you help them do, and what made you want to do that.

All are valid questions.

For me, the answers are all about preparation. When you’re looking for a new job or promotion, what do you do? When you’re looking to start a new business venture, what do you do? When you’re expecting a baby, what do you do?

In any situation in life when you’re expecting a change or an increase, you prepare. Sometimes that preparation will be researching, cleaning, studying, collaborating, or seeking guidance from someone.

We have all been taught the concept of mentoring in business and learning. When you want to master something, you seek out someone that has already done it and you learn from them. Unfortunately, many people were not told to do the same in their personal life.

We literally prepare for everything else in life, but we leave out how to master our single season and prepare for the next one. That’s where a coach comes in: ME!

I got started in coaching because of my own personal transformation. It took me hitting rock bottom after a horrible relationship completely derailed my life. To get back on track I had to become completely committed to my own growth and personal development. I read books, I read the Bible, I studied, I cried, I meditated, and most of all I prayed. Through all of that, I gained a renewed sense of confidence and clearer understanding of what I was actually supposed to be doing during my single season.

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Eventually I started sharing my journey with friends, and acquaintances, and through my blog. As I talked with people I began to see that there were other women trying to overcome the confusion of being single. I found myself sharing the books and techniques that I used to help me, but there was a problem with that.

Most people can read a book and get totally inspired to change their life and shift their focus. That usually lasts for maybe a week or two. And even if it lasts longer than that, people usually only stick with it while things are going smoothly. Once something pops up, like their ex for example, all that great stuff they read is out the window. Not because they don’t believe it anymore, but because it is very difficult to apply a general book to your specific life without any help.

Everyone won’t understand the purpose of a mentor or life coach, and that’s ok. My clients are mostly successful business women or entrepreneurs that know the benefit of having a mentor or coach. They have climbed the ladder in other areas of their life but realize they have neglected their personal life. They were ready to make their personal development a priority.

This is the time when you should be the priority. This is the time to focus on being the best you that you can so you can prepare for that divine relationship you’ve been praying for. And there’s nothing wrong with saying you need some added accountability to push you along the way.

So if you’re in the place where you’re looking to take your single life to the next level, you want to increase your joy, and you’re ready to start preparing for that next season…we should talk! Apply for one of my complimentary Single Season Breakthrough Sessions. We’ll take 45 minutes to find out what’s keeping you single, what roadblocks you keep encountering, and where you are right now in this season.

If you’re successful or on your way there, you know the impact mentoring can have on your journey. Your personal life is no different. So commit to investing in yourself now. Because it’s the sowing you do in this season, that creates the harvest in the next season.


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