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Buy Carisoprodol India Her passion is for single women. Her purpose is to help other singles reach the same peace and joy that she has in this season. She wasn’t always in this place though. She, like most women, had her fair share of failed relationships that left her feeling broken. After her worst relationship left her at rock bottom, she set out to find herself, reconnect with God, and truly understand what this single season is all about.
kendra (1 of 1)-46Her journey created the woman God intended her to be: clear headed, strong, confident, fulfilled, and living a purposed life. She took everything she learned and all the work she did, and uses it to help others.


Unlike most people who speak to singles, she is not going to sell you a dream of how to meet your husband in 30 days with a strategic get-me-to-the-altar implementation plan. That’s not how life works. She knows that there is a purpose in this season. And only God will know when you are ready for the next one.

What she will do is equip you with the things you need to navigate this season and make the most of it. She helps women fulfill the cultivation purpose of this season. The work you do now lays the foundation for the harvest in the next season. A happy and whole single makes a happy and whole spouse in the right relationship. And Kendra is on a mission to get you there quicker



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Buy Legit Valium Online Contact her about speaking to your youth, young adult, college, single’s, or women’s groups. Some general topics that I am prepared to speak on are listed below. If you have another topic in mind, just contact me and we can discuss it.


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I am on the Steering Committee of a girl’s mentoring program, Girl Power, and invited Kendra as the guest speaker for our Inaugural Kick-Off.  Upon acceptance, Kendra was immediatey on board with the vision of the event.  Her topic was “From Mentee to Mentor”, and she ran with it!  Kendra capitvated the entire audience – including the parents.  She was very transparent, relevant, and identifiable for all ages.  She really made me think and evaluate areas of my personal life.  Kendra was truly instrumental to our Kick Off, and I look forward to working with her on a Vision Board workshop with the girls.” – Heather J.

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