SOAP for Singles: 30-Day Scripture Journal


This 30-Day Scripture Journal contains 30 individual scriptures and blank journaling paper. Each section is broken down into the SOAP style journaling method:





There is also a section for you to create your own daily affirmations. You’re set for 30 days of scripture plus a months worth of blank pages in the back for you to continue to explore God’s word on your own.

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As a single woman it can be tough figuring out what God wants us to do during this season. We spin our wheels and do everything we can to attract the right man. If you were anything like me, that’s what you thought this season was all about: finding the right one. But God has so much more for us during this season.

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling frustrated and lost. Like you’ve tried everything and you’re not sure what to do or where to turn…try Jesus. He has a plan for you. But it’s hard to follow that plan when you don’t have a relationship with him. I tell all my clients that this is key. During our time together it’s important to date God first. You do that by spending time praying and reading his word.

For me, the real change came when I started journaling. I’ve always loved writing down my thoughts and prayers, especially after ready Fervent by Priscilla Shirer. But I never journaled during my Bible time. Then someone introduced me to the SOAP journaling method where you write down the Scripture, then your Observation of the scripture, then how you will Apply it to your life, and finally your Prayer.

When I started using this method my understanding of the word changed. I was really able to process and retain what I was reading. Because of this I began to see some real change and breakthroughs in my life. That’s why I created this journal. I tell all my singles they should be reading the Bible and journaling everyday, and many of them say they are not sure where to start. So I pulled together 30 of my favorite scriptures and put them in this journal.

Not only does this journal have 30 days work of SOAP journaling pages, it also has a months worth of blank pages in the back. This is meant to just be a starting point. I want you to keep going and exploring God’s word for yourself. If you’ve wanted to grow closer to the Lord but you’re not sure how, this was created for you.


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