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The first in a series, the Sad Single shares the 5 big things that keep most singles from being happy during this season. Pick up your copy now so you can start making some changes to increase your happiness.

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“Once I get married I know I’ll finally be happy. I just want to be happy.” Kendra Elaine, author of this series, has heard this statement more times than she can count. That’s why she created “Sad Single” as the first book in the Single Series. This book points out 5 key areas that keep most single people unhappy (HINT: none of them have anything to do with the fact that you’re still single). Kendra is a firm believer in making the most of this season and being your happiest self right now. After reading this book you will see some areas where you are effecting your own happiness. This quick, yet deeply impactful, read will get you on your way to getting the happiness you deserve in this season. Because honestly, that’s key in attracting the person God has for you.


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