Reach the Next Level with these 3 Keys

In my work with single women, and in my most recent charge in the corporate and social realm, my focus has been helping people reach the next level. For my single ladies that meant happiness, confidence, and marriage. For my professionals it means growth, promotion, and higher revenues. In both instances the main issue appears to be the same: lack of self-awareness and accountability.

Anyone who has worked with me will tell you I’m not the one to talk to if you don’t want to look at yourself first. I know it’s clichéd, but everything you want starts with you. And to be clear, it also stops with you. It’s easy to see the efforts we put into achieving our goals, but it’s even easier to overlook the self-sabotage. We have so much hidden programming within us that affects how we navigate and react to what life throws our way. It’s hidden because it’s often unconscious beliefs and self-talk that we acquired in childhood or through other experiences that we’re not fully aware of.

My aim for anyone I work with is to help you uncover those things so they can be addressed. A mentor once told me, “If you want to clean a house, you first have to see the dirt.” The problem with a lot of speakers and coaches, is they provide blanket affirmations and outrageous goals to motivate you without considering the deep personal blocks within you.

The truth is, you can have all the tools and processes in the world, but if your internal belief system is wired to resist the increase you’re seeking you’ll never get there.

The core of the process I take people through can be boiled down to three key steps: Clarity, Belief, Position. In that order 😉

Let’s take a quick overview of each one:


This being the first step is very important. If you want to hit a target you not only need to know where it is but you need to know where you are in relation to it. During the clarity phase I have people take an honest look at where they are currently and get crystal clear on where they’re trying to go.


Getting clear on your situation and desired destination is a major piece but it is only as good as your belief that you can achieve it. The biggest road block people have is true confidence; a true sense that they can and deserve to get what they’re striving for. Negative self-talk and limiting beliefs are the biggest saboteurs to reaching the next level.


When I say position, most people think I mean being in the right place at the right time. But being in the right place at the right time won’t do you any good if you don’t have the right stuff. The way you truly get in position is by preparing. Once you’ve gotten clear on what you want and built up your internal belief, it’s time to do the work to achieve it. Faith without works is dead, so you must actually DO something to attract what you’re believing for.

These are just quick glimpses into each step of the process. Each one has several layers depending on what area of your life you’re applying it to. I’ll do a deeper dive into each one on separate posts to follow soon.

In the meantime, what area of your life would you like to progress into the next level? Or do you have a team that’s doing good but not quit reaching the potential you know they have? Maybe it’s time to take a deeper look.

Reach out to me so we can discuss how I could be of service.

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