Meet Kendra

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Hello! If you’re here you’d like to know a little bit about me personally.

Well, my path to becoming a public speaker and life coach was not an easy or straight one. It took a lot of soul searching and soul work to become the person I am today leading other people into their happiness. My journey started with me finding my own. As a single woman in my late 20’s people would lead me to believe that I was cursed; doomed to being miserable and alone. But it was by faith and nothing but the Lord that I came to understand single does not equal miserable and alone does not equal lonely.

After a lifetime of relationships and jobs, I continually found myself unfulfilled and frustrated, I knew I needed to connect with my source and find my purpose. What was I created to do? Who was I created to be? So I started the transformation of my life by getting clear on what I wanted, building my confidence in my ability, and positioning myself to get there by preparation.

As the Lord completely transformed my life, he revealed my purpose: to help others do the same. It started with a blog for my fellow single women. I poured my heart onto the page telling people they deserve more than what they’re settling for. But as I started to actually speak with people, I realized that this message applied to every area of life. So began to work with companies and organizations, motivating their teams to reach for that next level.

Everything you want in life starts with you. You won’t find it in a relationship, a job, or money. You have to find happiness and understanding right where you are. I believe that you have to master the level you’re own before you’ll get promoted; that’s in business and in life.

So I’m here to help you get clarity, belief, and positioning to achieve all that you dream of.

Professionally I have an Associates in Communication, a Bachelors in Marketing, years of corporate experience, and am currently in the process of becoming a certified Tapping Into Wealth Life Coach.