Meet Kendra

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Like you, millennial leadership expert Kendra Elaine has heard all the noise in the market surrounding millennials. Every day someone weighs in on how to lead them, what they want from managers, and how to retain and motivate them. Is it snacks? Bean bag chairs and fidget spinners? Or, is it something else entirely?
With over a decade of real-life, front-line business experience as a minority millennial, her view is drastically different. Kendra shares with her audience the importance of looking beyond the generational labels. To be a true leader one must strive for a deeper understanding of their team. Leadership is the sum of every choice, every effort, and every assumption made by a person.
Kendra aims to give a voice to the unheard minority millennials. She educates company leaders by giving them first-hand insight into the millennial mindset, the importance of diversity and inclusion, and what millennials really want from the companies they work for.
Given her work history, she knows what it takes to keep a millennial motivated and the things most companies do that kill that motivation. She relates to the millennials still figuring out in the workplace. She communicates to leaders tangible ways they can engage and retain their millennials, something so many companies struggle with.
Prior to her efforts to advocate for the millennials, Kendra worked extensively in hospitality, project management, and customer service across several industries. Much of her philanthropy revolves around giving back to youth in underserved schools through goal setting, success planning, and career readiness. In 2017 she was honored as one of St. Louis’ Top 100 Urban Influencers.