Manager Mentor Program

Equip your management teams…

so they can increase the productivity and retention of their teams to increase your bottom line.

It all started with a LinkedIn blog post…

I had grown frustrated with the endless flow of none-sense that was being presented about millennials. None of it spoke to my experience as a millennial in the corporate workforce so I decided it was time for our voices to heard.

From there, inquiries like this came flooding in…

Young, frustrated, job-hopping millennials filed my inbox asking how I could help them…to which I gladly said YES!

I scheduled calls with all of them!

Call after call I used my tailored coaching framework to uncover what motivated them, where they wanted to be 5 years from then, and what was valuable about the position they were in.

And call after call they all went from unmotivated, unproductive, and uninspired to purposeful, motivated, and excited about giving 100% in their current role. A complete mindset shift happened every time!

Months later I would call to check in with them and every single call went like this:

Me: “Hey! How’s everything going? Still executing on that action plan we put together?”

Them: “Yes! It’s going great! I just started at a new company!”

They all said the same thing…

Their attitude had changed but their manager’s didn’t. Despite their best efforts, they all faced the same issues: their manager’s…

…lack of understanding and empathy

negative bias towards millennials

…inability or willingness to coach and have the right conversations

It was then that I realized I could train your millennials all day long, but if your managers aren’t equipped…I’m essentially coaching your millennials to quit.

“Employees don’t quit jobs or companies, they quit bad managers.”

I mentor your managers so they can do what I do…

  • have effective coaching conversations
  • increase productivity
  • motivate and engage teams
  • manage across multiple generations

Because when your managers take my actionable strategies they can transform their team’s culture, increase loyalty, and decrease turnover.

Day by day.

Step by step.

This 8 week Manager Mentoring Program is for your team if your managers have been struggling to manage through this COVID-19 Pandemic, if you’re concerned about the turnover that will occur once the world opens back up, and if you know your managers aren’t equipped to manage in what will be the new normal.

This is your opportunity to shape what the new normal looks like because you know you’re tired of unproductive coaching sessions, low morale, and babysitting multigenerational infighting.

Listen, you’ve seen the numbers. You know how much turnover has shattered your bottom line.

Studies show that when someone quits it costs your company 20% of their annual salary in turnover costs. According to SHRM, it can cost companies 3x that to replace a millennial. Gallup reports that 60% of employed millennials are open to changing companies.

You’re smart. And I know that you know that once things settle down, companies who were able to properly pivot during this pandemic will be promoting their new flexible virtual work culture.

How much will it cost you to lose 1% of your team over the next 6 months? How much will cost to lose 5%?

This is for YOUR TEAM

If you have 5 or more managers in your department. If you want to position your team for success through this transition. If you’ve had problems with turnover and you don’t want to face that in addition to the hit your bottom line has already taken during this pandemic. If you’re tired of seeing employees skate by doing the bare minimum to not get fired.

On the other hand, this is NOT for your team if you coddle your leaders, if you don’t hold your managers accountable, if you want me to put a bandage on a bullet wound. If that’s you or your company’s culture, thank you for coming but we’re done here.

Still reading???

Great! I figured as much…

Because you’re ready to commit to investing in the long term success of your teams.

Here are the 10 MAIN REASONS this program will boost your team’s success…

and what your leaders will discover during this 8-Week Manager Mentoring Program:

  1. Retain High Performing Millennials WITHOUT breaking the bank on endless rewards and engagement tools
  2. Create a Coaching Culture that increases loyalty and productivity
  3. Shift Their Mindset from work being a place that you go, to something that you do/deliver as we transition to the ‘new normal’
  4. Effectively Manage in the virtual space by knowing how to set expectations and measure productivity
  5. Get EXACT frameworks, scripts, and tools so they know exactly what to do on a daily basis to increase engagement and foster culture shifts
  6. Increase Empathy through an interactive empathy exercise that walks managers through the process of understanding employees of different backgrounds and how to communicate with them to ease the tension and boost morale
  7. Role-Playing & Hot Seats where we walk through their real-life coaching opportunities with their team so they can go into those conversations fully prepared
  8. Actionable Activities that can be implemented during team meetings
  9. Implementation Plan for their discretionary budget and how to use that to foster retention
  10. Greater Understanding of Employee Engagement and how to empower their team to own their level of engagement

This 8-Week Mentoring Program will guide your managers through the overflow of retention fads and engagement ideas so they not only have a plan but actually start implementing it during the program for real-time feedback.

This Program Includes:

  • Live 1-hour group calls every week – where we cover over content, do activities, and ask questions
  • Session recordings, transcripts, and downloads
  • Activity Book download
  • Private email access to me for situation-specific troubleshooting

Here’s the 8-part OUTLINE and exactly what you’ll get each week:

Committed to your success…

I am committed to making it possible for executives like you to build, engage, and retain high performing teams to ensure your success at your company.

Everything is laid out for your leaders – what to do on a day to day basis with and for their teams to ensure that you can stop herding cats, managing petty disagreements, battling constant turnover and finally focus on your role.

This program is designed for the busiest managers that “don’t have time” for new systems and the managers who are chronically stuck in their outdated ways.

Imagine what your life and teams will look like…

Once your managers are properly equipped to effectively lead their people…

  • Increasing numbers and productivity
  • Happy high performing teams
  • Raving manager reviews
  • Kudos and recognition for your team’s transformation
  • More anniversary celebrations for team members because they stay year after year
  • Inspired and motivated workers
  • A pipeline of future leaders for succession planning
  • You’ll trust your managers more than ever to lead their teams, freeing up your time to focus on the high-level strategies you were hired for

Schedule a call with me to discuss getting your team into this program!