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I’m so glad you’re interested in some one on one life coaching with me. I’ve helped many singles truly get to know themselves, build confidence, get closer the Lord, and prepare themselves for their God-sent mate. I would love to give you the same experience and show you how having the right focus is what draws us to who we’re meant to be with. If you’re ready to make the most of your single season and start running into your destiny with God given confidence, you’re in the right place!

See, there’s levels to this thing called life. And I am a firm believer that you have to fulfill the purpose of the level that you’re on before you can be taken to the next one. Your single season isn’t a sad waiting room you need to escape from. It’s the season that cultivates your heart for the next seasons harvest. So if you’ve found yourself, year after year, in the same place, I’m here to give your single life the CPR it needs: Confidence, Purpose, and Resources. Let’s get to work.

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My approach is spiritually based and straight with no chaser. I’m not going to offer you gimmicks, tricks, or any get married quick schemes. God has already provided the plan for your life, you just have to have the confidence and faith to follow it. I ask that you commit with an open mind and faith that something bigger than me will offer healing, solutions, and fulfilling relationships in your life. With me, you get something deeper and more valuable than a relationship with someone. You will gain a closer relationship with the Lord and such a strong sense wholeness in yourself that no man or woman will be able to shake your foundation.

My life coaching approach deals with the roots of your life. What caused your belief system? Where did your insecurity come from? Who are you? What’s your purpose? How connected are you to your creator? What do you want out of a relationship, and how do you get it? I do this because I believe you can’t expect to bear different/better fruit in your life if your roots are planted in the same soil. We will work together to replace all the lies and confusion about yourself and dating, with a new found confidence and fresh foundation. I will help you become your most authentic self. This transformation will make you better prepared for God to send you the right person.

With my support, you’ll learn the foundation of what I know – how to be completely whole, happy, and secure as a single. Because ultimately a happy single, makes a happy mate (when you’re with the right person). My custom C.P.R. coaching is designed to give you the confidence, purpose, and resources you need to take your life to the next level. For some people that level is marriage, and for others that next level is just to be happy. Either way, I can help you.

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* Be more confident and in control of your love life
* Set healthy boundaries and have the confidence to enforce them
* Make the Lord your priority
* Heal from past relationships and family wounds
* Change patterns of negative thinking that are holding you back
* Know yourself on a deeper level
* Get in touch with the purpose on your life
* Enhance your blessings through prayer and meditation


* You’re able to commit to a minimum of 3-months of coaching and giving it your all
* You’re smart & capable, but know you need a shift in your perspective
* You’re ready to make a serious investment in yourself
* You’re open to feedback and accountability
* You’re tired of searching for love
* You’re ready to build your dating foundation and prepare for future love
* You’re patient with yourself and the process


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If you’re serious about making a significant shift in your relationships and personal life, the time is now. The first step is to Contact Me about scheduling a FREE 45-minute single season breakthrough session call. What do you get with a discover call? Learn more here!



Over the past few months. I took on one of the most life changing challenges yet. I got a life coach. Money well spent. This course is all about growth, accountability and new outlooks. I learned so much about myself. Ten minutes in to my second session Kendra had me crying, crying because I realized the hurt and pain I put myself through. My life is changing, I finally woke up. I stopped blaming other people, I am taking responsibility for what I allow in my life and with that relationships sometimes have to end and old habits die hard. However, this has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I chose me, I chose to invest in myself, my growth and development. I took the time to seek my own desires and I am doing the work to see that they manifest. My self esteem is improving and I am loving myself more. This coaching was all about personal growth and with the work that I have put in I see the change. It’s not going to be easy and it’s not an overnight fix but with dedication and persistence you will see the abundance in your life. I am so happy that I chose me for once because this has forever impacted me. Kendra is one of the best coaches/mentors I have come in contact with. She listens with understanding and there is no judgement when it come to her. Her knowledge and comforting nature made it easy to expose myself. She truly has a gift and I am blessed that she shared it with me. I am looking forward to future sessions with her and I am excited about the shift that is happening in my life now.” – Jessica S., Entrepreneur



  • You don’t believe in doing new things
  • You don’t believe you need any personal development work
  • You want someone that’s just going to tell you how amazing you are
  • You don’t want to put in any actual work
  • You don’t have the resources or time to commit to making your life better

I only work with singles who are serious and ready. I don’t want clients that are just going to go through the motions and not follow through. I want results! I want breakthroughs! I want wedding invitations!! (LOL) Seriously though. I only work with those people that are tired of doing things on their own and they are ready to receive all they’ve been praying for.

If that’s you…let’s get to work!

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Over the Next Three Months You Will Experience:

  • 8 sessions of 1 hour private coaching with me
  • Personal assignments to do on your own time
  • Unlimited email access to me throughout the week (to answer situation specific questions you may have)
  • Growth in your relationship with God
  • Breakthroughs in breaking down your roadblocks
  • Accountability check-ins
  • Action plans that are specific to your life

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In addition to the Signature One on One Coaching, you will receive:

  • 1 bonus Purpose Clarity call
  • 1 bonus accountability check-in call one month after our program finishes
  • a copy of my 30-Day Scripture Journal
  • a modern-day celibacy strategy


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Invite me to your next function or group event to encourage, guide, and motivate. Visit my Public Speaking page for more info on possible topics.


  • Church Events
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Retreats
  • Ladies/Men’s Day
  • Camps
  • Workshops
  • Host/MC Parties and Events

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“Kendra is an attentive listener. She provided me with so much insight on making spaces to allow of my ideal partner to come into my life. After working with Kendra, I felt far more confident in attracting a partner that is in alignment with my lifestyle and my vision. But most importantly a man of God.” – Krista Jennings, Business Systems Strategist

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