Hiring a Speaker? The answers you need first!

So you’re looking to hire a speaker?


Being a speaker I know the hiring process can be a tough one. With the wide variety of qualified speakers out there, how do you know which one is right for you?

Obviously there are some industry/event/company specific questions you should ask, but to assist you further, here are 20 questions you should be asking when considering a speaker:

1. Does the speaker customize real content (or just title pages)?

2. Do they offer more than one format? (Keynote, workshop, talks, etc.)

3. Can the speaker fill multiple slots to save on speaking fees/travel?

4. Does the take-home value tie in to your audience’s core issues?

5. Is the speaker entertaining as well as informative?

6. Does the speaker do thorough pre-program research?

7. Does the speaker provide handout masters at no extra charge?

8. Does the speaker involve the audience? How?

9. Does the speaker use only clean language and humor?

10. Is the speaker accessible to attendees before and after the event?

11. Does the speaker “hard-sell” products from the platform?

12. Is the speaker’s office responsive to requests for information?

13. Are you able to meet with or speak to the speaker directly?

14. Does the speaker work to ensure the success of your event?

15. Will there be NO additional charges for customization?

16. Does the speaker qualify clients (or do they work with anyone)?

17. Am I confident my attendees will be happy with this speaker?

18. What is the speaker’s fee? How does it compare to the market?

19. If it’s a program, does the program include built-in follow-up and reinforcement?

20. Do they show a vested interest in your audience?

When comparing possible speakers for your event, consider some or all of these questions for each speaker under consideration.

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