5 Prayers For Your Single Season

One thing I stress is a strong relationship with God. It’s the key to everything. I haven’t always had a strong relationship with him. But after years of heartache and going down the wrong path, I finally understood what I needed. Him.

I’m sure you’ve been there before. Broken hearted and confused. Sick and tired of being sick and tired, again.

One major thing that saved me was my prayer life. One day I committed to praying everyday. I read the Bible, journaled, and prayed consistently. My life hasn’t been the same since. I have more clarity, more peace, greater understanding, and I found my purpose.

What are some things you could gain from a stronger prayer life?

Below are the 5 areas that I believe are the most important for singles to pray over. Often times people aren’t sure what to pray for, aside for the age old “Lord send me my husband.” Lol. Trust me, God heard you. So if you’re feeling unfulfilled or ineffective in your prayer life, try some of these.

I challenge you to take one area a day for the next five days. Don’t cram them all into a 2 minute prayer tonight. Really commit, focus, and communicate with the Lord about these areas.

1 – Guard My heart

We can get easily distracted during this season. Not just by friends, TV, and social media. But by our own thoughts and desires. Continue to pray that God protects your heart from anything that was not sent by him. During this season he wants you to desire a closer relationship with him. If you’ve been struggling in that area, search your heart to see what’s holding you back from him. When you pray express your struggles and ask him to guard your heart from any external influences and any seeds that may have been planted on the inside.

2 – Prepare & Cultivate Me

Your single season is meant to be an active one. There are things that God wants you to learn and grow through. This is a season of cultivation. So pray and ask God what areas he wants you to work on. Ask him where you need to grow or where you need to be pruned. This is the time to cut off any dead things in your life and to nurture the areas you may have been neglecting. If you’re not sure what you should be doing or why you’re still single, pray for God to reveal where you still need preparation.

3 – Guide Me to My Purpose

This is an area most singles forget about. You were put here for a purpose. Regardless of your marital status. God has divine plans for you to accomplish while you are here. If you don’t know what that is yet, or maybe you do know but you just haven’t started working on it, the time is NOW! Pray for guidance in what your purpose is. Pray for direction and divine resources to help you achieve what you’re here for. Your purpose can and likely will affect every area of your life. That’s why it’s so important to get an understanding of what that is now, while you’re single.

soap for singles journal

4 – Give Me Discernment

When you’re single you are approached by many things that can seem like opportunities; new people, new business ventures, new activities or peer groups. These things will continue to come once you are married. Your time now is designed to help you grow your discernment muscles so that over time it gets easier. Pray and ask God to grant you more discernment. Then actively practice this and listen for his guidance. Many people have discernment, they just choose to ignore it. How many times have you known something wasn’t the best decision, or you shouldn’t have continued with that person, but you did it anyway? Pray for strength in this area. You will need this to be strong in the next season.

5 – Give Me Peace

This is a big one. Pray for peace. Know that when you ask God for peace, he will give it to, but he will also reveal what you need to get rid of to keep your peace. If you ask for peace but you stay in that disruptive relationship or you keep those toxic people around, it’s going to be difficult to accomplish that. Know that you are in control of your mood and the well being of your life. Ask God to grant you peace in whatever decisions you need to make. Ask for the strength to remove anything that disrupts the peace he has given you. When you have established a peaceful and happy lifestyle, you will be less prone to settling for less. When you don’t have inner peace, it will become easier to be distracted by the enemy. Pray for peace and listen to what God reveals to you on protecting your peace.

God wants to do wonders for you during this season. He wants to lay the foundation for the next season right now. Stay in contact with him. Pray for the things that you need. Allow him to do the work he needs to do in your life. That’s how you get to what he has for you. Let the craftsman work.

These are just a few prayers for your single season. I’ll be sharing more for different stages of your season. But I believe these are some of the first ones you pray. If you’ve been struggling with what you need to work on during this season or you’re not sure how to grow in your relationship with the Lord, contact me about a complimentary Single Season Breakthrough Session! I’d love to help you where I can 🙂


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