5 Mindsets of a Successful Single!

Every single person I speak with or work with usually has some negative mindsets around being single. I often see people shifting their mindsets when it comes to finances, self esteem, or their career, but I rarely see anyone working on the mindset of the single person. And that’s a major part of being a successful single.

What do I mean by Successful Single?

I don’t mean a professional single that wants to be single forever. To me a successful single is someone that is making the most of this time. Working on themselves, pursuing their purpose, and growing in their faith. They’re not wasting this time and they’re not having a pity party. They are doing the work to position and prepare themselves for the next season.

In my private FB group (Single, Successful, & Striving for More) we do Work On Me Wednesday. Last Wednesday I shared a video going over these key mindset shifts. So, in case you’re not on FB, I will share with you the 5 mindsets you need to get rid of and what you should replace them with RIGHT NOW to see some shifts in your life and to become a successful single.

Something is wrong with me because I’m still single or I’m being punished because I’m still single.

This is a season of preparation.

Never feed into the mindset that you are not where you are supposed to be. Being single is not a curse and there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. This is merely a season of preparation before the next season. There is a purpose for this season. There are things you need to learn and grow through. This is the season where you cultivate yourself so you can reap all the harvest that God has for you in the next season.

I need to find the one.

I am the one!

Visualization and speaking the things you want into existence has it’s place in manifesting what you want, but don’t let that be your sole focus. This time is not about desperately seeking the one. It’s about becoming the one. Build yourself up to know that you are the one. Someone is looking for you. You are a blessing for someone. And work on growing into the person you’re praying for. All those qualities that you want in a mate, make sure that you have them. You are the one!


soap for singles journal



Something is better than nothing.

Happy & single is better than miserable & in a relationship.

This is an excuse people tell themselves when they settle. Don’t do it! And stop comparing your life to others. Stop wishing for their relationships. You don’t know if that’s God’s best for them. They may be settling. Especially if you know they are dysfunctional. Replace the mindset that you need a relationship to be happy because we all know that the wrong relationship can drag us even further down. So work on being happy now so you can attract the right relationship.

There are no good men or there are no good women.

God is preparing someone special for me.

Just like this is a season of preparation for you, it’s a season of preparation for your mate as well. Wherever they are, God is preparing. Stop speaking energy into the things you don’t want. Speak life into your situation. Let God know that you trust him that he’s working behind the scenes for you. Build up your faith and know that someone is being prepared for you.

I’ll finally be happy once I’m married.

I’m living my best life now.

Stop putting your life on hold waiting for a relationship. If you’re insecure, unhappy, and unfulfilled now…you will still be in a relationship. A marriage won’t heal you. It won’t complete you either. You should be complete, whole, and living your life right now! That’s how you attract who God has for you. And that’s how you set the standard for your relationships. Work on yourself now, grow your confidence now, get out there and live now.

Use these mindsets as affirmations. Say them to yourself in the morning as you’re getting your day started. Or if you realize one of those negative thoughts is crossing your mind, catch it as soon as you realize it and replace it with the correct mindset.

How you look at life effects what comes your way and how you handle situations. Work on increasing your positive thinking and building yourself up. This is a great time because you can focus on you. So don’t waste it.

Keep up the good work.


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