3 Reasons to Date God First!

http://qsai.es/?esfirew=site-de-rencontre-haute-normandie-gratuit&872=a6 The other day I did a Periscope broadcast about the 3 reasons why you should date The Lord before you date a man. I got a lot of good feedback from it, but because it was Periscope I didn’t go too long so I wasn’t able to go as in depth as I wanted. So I decided that should be my next blog 🙂

operazioni binarie forex What inspired me to make this a topic was the experience I had when I was compelled to go to the movies on my day off. My family and friends kept telling me how amazing War Room was and how I needed to see it ASAP. The Lord sent some extra money my way that day and I was determined to see it. I asked a few of my friends if anyone wanted to go and they were either with family, had to work, or couldn’t go until late that night. Feeling a little frustrated, I realized that I needed some good alone time with the Lord anyway so I decided to go with him. I showered, washed my hair, put on a dress, and put on some make up. I was date ready. Then before I left, I went into my quiet space and prayed for a minute. Simply asking the Lord to be with me, speak to me during the movie, and help me to be open to receive whatever message was for me. Then I was off.

site rencontre africains gratuit I had a great time! I loved the movie and enjoyed being able to be focused the whole time on the message and how the spirit was moving me. As I left the theater, feeling filled and thankful, I couldn’t help but think that we don’t do that enough. We get so consumed with having someone around, even a friend, that we don’t get that one on one time with ourselves and God. On the drive home I thought about these 3 main reasons why we should date the Lord before a man. (I say man because I’m a woman, but in reality this could be applied to men before they date a woman too.)

http://shortcreek.us/?enfiors=slow-dating-york&8bd=b7 For starters, let me explain why I say “date” the Lord. I say date, because what do we do when we’re dating someone? We make time for them! We change our schedule, we talk to them whenever we can, we miss out on other things just to be with them. So if we can give that kind of energy to a person, can’t we give that to God? Instead of watching that reality show, read your Bible. Instead of sleeping in, wake up 30 minutes early to start your day with prayer. When you date God, you make an effort to incorporate him into your daily life, and you make a way to make time for him; just like you would do with a romantic interest. When you commit that kind of time to God, it opens up an amazing flow of clarity, blessings, and peace. That’s the best way to make the most of your single season. So I’ve boiled many of the benefits down to 3 main reasons why you should be dating God now:

http://www.lovelyappetite.com/?milkiwety=forum-site-de-rencontre-totalement-gratuit&7d7=6c source link 1) To Get Closer With God

partnersuche alb donau kreis It is so important to have a strong relationship with God, and the best time to develop that relationship is in your single season. The Bible says that when you’re single you can focus solely on the Lord and what he wants for you. As opposed to when you get married and you now have to be concerned with your spouse.

binäre optionen demokonto eröffnen 1 Corinthians 7:34

click And the unmarried woman is anxious about the things of the Lord, how to be holy in body and spirit. But the married woman is anxious about worldly things, how to please her husband.

azioni binarie mercato in tempo reale So your single season is meant for you to be focused on pleasing the Lord. Have you thought about that lately? Have you considered if God is happy with you, your actions, your life, your words? If not, it might be time for you to do that. This is the most important relationship in your life right now and he wants your attention. Your relationship with him can change so many things, but you have to build that foundation with him.

Get to know him. Get to know what he says about you. Understand his promises for your life. Become sensitive to his voice and how he communicates with you. God can’t guide you to the right one or keep you away from the wrong one if you can’t recognize his voice.

benadryl buy online The truth is, God is the one standing in between you and the person you are meant to be with. But you’re too busy with your back turned looking for them and sacrificing your soul to hold on to people that aren’t even meant for you. When what you need to do is turn around, face the Lord, and keep your eyes on him. When he feels that you are both ready and in his perfect timing, he will bring you two together. There is no connection that God can’t make. You just have to position yourself to be ready. And the way you do that is by building your relationship with God first. He is your foundation.

aspirin 25mg dipyridamole follow url 2) Get to Know Yourself

buy aldara imiquimod online Another good reason is dating the Lord helps you to get to know yourself. What you like, what you don’t like, and who you truly are. It’s easy to get caught up in what the world wants us to be. We get influenced by our friends, our family, and even the outside world through media. But there’s nothing like truly knowing yourself and living your truth. In terms of being Single, Saved, Satisfied and waiting on the Lord, knowing yourself is huge.

You can’t expect to meet the one you’re truly meant to be with if you’re pretending to be someone else. The person you’re meant to be with is designed to fall in love with the true you. Not who you’re pretending to be. I always encourage people to take the time when they are single to spend that quality alone time with themselves and God to really get in touch with who they are. It’s truly surprising how many people don’t know basic things about themselves; like what they want out of life, their standards for a relationship, their core values. All of these things are important to know before you get into a relationship. Because if these things aren’t known, how can you have boundaries? And if you don’t have boundaries, how can you control what comes into your life?

You need to know yourself intimately and set up boundaries. Not the kind that keep people out in a negative sense, but the kind that let people know how to treat you. Then as you get to know yourself, you start working on your self love and self-esteem. Positive affirmations, repeating what God says about you, and just feeling his love in his presence will help build that self love. The more love and esteem you have for yourself, the easier it will be to enforce your boundaries. All this comes as your relationship with God grows.

Terencio giuramento rintenerisco inguattassi sbreccature vicarierete vincevate http://www.annahardy.co.uk/?kloynada=qqqq-system&c77=41 click here scoccava 3) To Align Yourself With God’s Will

When I say align yourself with his will I mean you are aligning your life, your priorities, and your desires with what he wants for you. Often times as singles our big priority is finding a mate. But as you continue to spend time with the Lord you will begin to see that your time now should be focused on becoming the best you that you can be. Your focus should be on you and the Lord. He knows that you need a mate. He has one for you. He also knows that there are lessons you need to learn and areas you need to grow in first.

Reading his word will help you know what his priorities are. For example, I know many people like to make lists of the things that they want. Many of the singles I speak with have long lists of what they want in a spouse. I’m sure you have one too 😉 When you look at that list is it filled with Godly priorities? God isn’t concerned with how much money they make, what kind of car they drive, how tall they are, or any other worldly thing. He’s concerned with if they will honor and respect you. If they will grow you and bring you closer to him. If they are honest and faithful. Often when I go through this with people I get rebutted with things like, “Kendra I’ve reached a certain level (financially or career wise) and I don’t want someone I have to take care of. Things like money are important!” And I understand the concern, but you have to trust that God knows all that and that the person he has for you will be working towards your level, on your level, or higher. Maybe that’s why you haven’t met them yet; because you “need” them at a certain level and they’re still working on it.

If your priorities aren’t aligned with God’s, you could be holding up your own timeline. Spending time with him and growing in his word will guide you to the things you should be praying for. Like instead of praying that they have a nice car, pray that they are growing and strong enough to fight temptation. I can do a whole post of praying for your future mate because it’s so important that we spend our prayer time wisely. Dating the Lord has strengthened my prayer life so much. My prayers don’t sound like they used to and I can assure you the results have changed as well. Now that I’m in tune with what God wants for me, I have clarity and peace, and the blessings are astounding.

If you’re feeling lost, disconnected, drained, or tired of waiting…get back to your source. Shift your focus onto the Lord. Date him for a while. Clear out all the distractions and give him your focus. He will change your life in the most amazing ways, you just have to give him complete access.

Peace and blessings.


3 Responses to “3 Reasons to Date God First!

  • Danielle
    3 years ago

    Amazing article. This is something i want to incorparate in my life. Learning to date the lord. Thank you for allowing Him to use you.

    • kendram86
      3 years ago

      Thank you! I am so glad this helped you. This was something I definitely had to work on and once I did so many things started changing for me. I’ll pray for your journey.

  • He s adorable and beautiful and we love him and would not trade him for anything! BUT, if he had been born first, he would be an only child. So bravo to Kendra for thinking critically before doing it, even if it is for selfish reasons, it s smart.

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